About Us

With the demand for locally sourced and made quality products at an all-time high, the Experience Nature Group is backing artisan, farmed and small batch Australian brands with the launch of our new online marketplace. Here we have lovingly combined the talents and wares of skilled Australians and proud ‘Australian made’ producers in one distinctive destination. 

Carefully and passionately curated, our online store features a growing collection of products from pantry supplies, natural beauty items, eco-lifestyle products for the home, great books to artisan goods.  With an initial focus on products from the Southern Highlands, the collection is already expanding and evolving to include produce of craftsmen and women, growers and manufacturers from across Australia.

As Amanda Fry, Founder explains

Supporting local is key to us, and has been since its inception.  Our nature tourism business has always been about working with local producers and highlighting their food, wine and products to visitors to the Southern Highlands. We have never used single use plastics and are great environmental and well being warriors. 

As an extension to what we do and offer, we’ve decided to curate an online store to give everyone the opportunity to really back both ethically and Australian made products from around the country.

We are always asked by our guests where to buy products that they have seen or tasted at one of our event experiences - such as the mushroom foraging knife from our autumn tours or the truffle produce from our truffle hunts – so now you can have these, plus much more, delivered to your door.  We are excited to be able to share these unique and local products with not only our customers but to provide a one-stop marketplace destination for everyone to find incredible producers from across Australia.  

We are only as good as the brands we choose to work alongside, so it seems fitting to highlight the people behind the brands, the ones who tell the stories of the things we sell.”

Not only do we sell local Southern Highlands brands like Equilibrium, Mojo Candles and Honey Thief but we are be profiling other Australian products on the site including Goldfield and Banks, Alperstein and Kakadu Plum Co, a Melbourne based company that highlights the importance of Australian native wild foods and its founder is committed to contributing to the Aboriginal and Indigenous communities of Australia. 

The Experience Nature Group’s single most important goal is to showcase the unique and appealing aspects of nature whilst maintaining a level of responsibility to sustainability and conservation. From this philosophy, the aim is to lessen human footprints on the world and inspire people to think about how to protect the planet for future generations.  This is our foundation in creating this marketplace, giving people a chance to connect with Australian producers who share our vision by making high quality, unique and ethical products. 

We are also doing our bit to help 

- Our office uses solar power to offset are carbon emissions

- Our packaging is made from 80% recyclable material and is itself, recyclable from our black boxes to our tissue paper

- We are phasing out all carton stuffing in favour of recycled material so as soon as our cardboard shredder arrives you will see the last step in our packing story

- We compost all our food waste at the office, never use single use plastics, buy from local regenerative farms and even use a thermal label printer to avoid ink cartridges going into landfill

Every day we strive to do more.